Tactical Urbanism

Tactical interventions are light, quick and cheap - but if deployed using a complexity lens, could they be a generative learning tool that helps make our cities more fit?


Tactical Urbanism is a branch of urban thinking that tries to understand the benefits of grassroots, bottom-up initiatives in creating meaningful urban space. While not associating itself directly with complexity theory, many of the tools it employs -particularly its way of 'learning by doing' ties in with adaptive and emergent concepts from complexity theory. Tactical Urbanism


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Driving Flows

Assemblage Geography

Adaptive Capacity


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'The Virtual'


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Driving Flows

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Photo Credit and Caption: A temporary “protected intersection” at Open Streets MPLS on June 8 by Alta Planning and Design

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Memphis's Spectacular Street Experiments Moving Toward Permanence

Around the start of this decade, Memphis's public experiments were making its streets maybe the most interesting in the United States. In 2010, a business district organized a live weekend demonstration of a handmade protected bike lane and revitalized commercial block.

Want a Bike-Friendly City? Get Ready to Fail Until It Works

So you want to build some bicycle infrastructure for your city. Good for you. Cycling is good for the planet as well as your citizens' poorly-nourished, ill-used bodies, and studies show more people are willing to ride if cities provide infrastructure to support them.

Tactical Urbanism Leading To Long Term Changes In Indy

Article by Michael Field In 2013 the City of Indianapolis announced its intention to spend upwards of $60 million to redesign Monument Circle. The project would replace decaying infrastructure and include amenities to make the area more pedestrian friendly.

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