Communicative Planning

Communicative planning  broaden the scope of voices engaged in planning processes. How does complexity help  us understand the productive capacity of these diverse agents?


A growing number of spatial planners are realizing that they need to harness many voices in order to navigate the complexity of the planning process. Communicative strategies aim to move from a top-down approach of planning, to one that engages many voices from the bottom up.


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Digital tools are providing new opportunities for planners to engage the public at a distance. Serious games offer a serious alternative to traditional planning dialogues. "Envision your neighborhood, seek abundance, avoid decay, coexist. a video game by Jose Sanchez"

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    Complex Systems are generated from the local interactions of multiple AGENTS. These agents are not actively striving to achieve any form of 'global' structure or pattern, but simply behave in their own self interests. Hence, we describe CAS dynamics as being generated from 'the bottom up' as opposed to 'the top down' as would be the case in traditional hierarchical organizations.

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