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Sharon Wohl

Sharon Wohl is an Assistant Professor at Iowa State University, and holds a PhD in Spatial Planning and Strategy from TU Delft in the Netherlands. Sharon's research focus is the dynamics of Complex Adaptive Systems, and how the understanding of these dynamics can inform urban design theory and related topics. Prior to joining Iowa State, Sharon taught in the Architecture Program at the University of Manitoba, and worked with 5468796 Architecture - an internationally recognized, Winnipeg based architectural firm. Sharon has been involved in complexity research for over 20 years, and is the developer of the overall website content and content structure. Specific components of the site are generously managed by a Site Stewards, working to keep the content fresh and accurate.

This site has been made possible through the ongoing support of Iowa State University. The site was developed through a research fellowship provided by the Institute of Advance Studies (IAS), University of Amsterdam. Research leading to the development of the website content was undertaken while pursing a Doctorate in Spatial Planning and Strategy at the TU Delft.


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